Film review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

Scott Pilgrim is a comic book character better known on the other side of the Atlantic, who has now come alive on the silver screen. If only someone had advised poor Scott to stay on a page. With his curly hair, innocent eyes and clumsiness around girls, it is easy enough to warm to Scott, played by Michael Cera, but unfortunately the story is as flat as a pancake. Scott plays in a band called Sex Bob-omb and shares a matras with a gay room mate. His split from a girl called Natalie left a painful scar on his soul. While his band practices for a talent competition, Scott finds new love in Knives Chau, a highschool girl almost as cute as himself. She behaves more like a besotted fan, than his girlfriend. Before long, Scott falls head over heels for a mysterious girl called Ramona Flowers, who has just arrived in Toronto from New York. She seems too cool and streetwise for puppy-eyed Scott, but even this hard-nosed New York chick can’t resist his cuddly young Labrador face. The dialogue in the film meanwhile, is top-heavy with teenage slang along the lines of ‘I am sooow not cool with that’, and drones on about ‘the baggage’ from former relationships the teenage characters are carrying around with them. Ramona’s baggage is a nasty surprise for Scott. Her seven evil exes take Scott on to do battle. At this point the film takes on the appearance of an arcade game, with arcade like kicks, punches and sound effects. And summersaults followed by more kicks and punches. Words like ‘HIGHSCORE!’ flash up on the screen. Will Scott survive and get the girl, or is the punky broad from the Big Apple more than he can chew? If you must really know, go and see for yourself. Otherwise, an hour with your favourite comic book and a game of Mortal Kombat on the Playstation might be more fun. (PHILIP HOFMAN)

Director: Edgar Wright
Cast:  Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Ellen Wong

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